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DS Enterprises are the rice importers and distributors in Singapore. Ponni Rice, Sona Masoori Rice, and Idly Kaar rice are among our rice types. With a well-experienced team, we import and distribute in the finest possible packaging using cutting-edge technology. Our wide range of knowledge and expertise means that we can provide tailored and personalized solution to our clients. We support our clients with tailor made distribution and supply chain solutions.

We have expertise in distributing the Agro products and are highly experienced in all aspects of sales, marketing, and distribution of rice. We supply rice products in consistency with regards to “Quality, Taste & Price” continuously throughout the whole year. Our rice products are professionally cleaned according to international standards, hygienically processed, and packed with high quality material to maintain the standard.

The quality of our rice is important in developing a solid customer base, thus we prioritize it. Furthermore, our client confidence has been established via our customer-centric approach. Also, our dedication to ethical business methods has allowed us to offer clients with authenticity, resulting in complete customer satisfaction. We have a good number of client base like those of the restaurants, and supermarkets in Singapore.


Mr. Deepak Sekar


DS Enterprises, a newly launched wholesale rice business, who are the distributors and importers of rice in Singapore. Serve to offer the finest quality of rice.

Mr. Deepak Sekar, the Director, DS Enterprises has many years of experience in trading, logistics, and shipping. Many ideas and opinions bloom from our minds and one such is DS Enterprises. His experience in shipping alone is 10 years. An enthusiastic entrepreneur and a highly experienced person in this field have started the rice importing and distributing business in Singapore.

He work to make this business a great success by serving many happy customers in the present and future!

The major customers we currently deal with are the large restaurants and supermarkets in Singapore. When it comes to product quality, we don’t make corners. We choose the best quality, which is cultivated in fresh paddy fields and has a unique scent, as well as the longest grain rice. We make shipping and delivery simple for our clients throughout Singapore.

    Rice tastes are delicious.
    Dive into the world of genuine and finest naturally obtained rice, which is delicious and has a distinct aroma.
    Get Affordably Priced and High-Quality Rice Delivered to Your Door
    Our rice goods are of the finest quality, reasonably priced, and easily delivered to your home.
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